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Swamp Coolers vs AC

Swamp Coolers Can Save You $$$ & Help Save the Environment

Sometimes the DCS Heating & Air Conditioning wants to climb to the top of the tallest nearby building and shout at the top of his lungs, "Traditional air conditioning is not your only choice when it comes to staying cool."

In fact, evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are often the ideal choice for our desert climate. And oh by the way, they have many environmental advantages.

DCS has put together this little comparison between swamp coolers and air conditioners.

        Evaporative Cooler
Air Conditioner
Uses no energy to cool the air Requires electricity to cool the air
Adds humidity Removes humidity
Uses pure water as coolant Needs chemical refrigerant
Fresh outside air (doors and windows open) Recirculated air (house closed)
Can be overwhelmed on very hot/humid days Keeps home cooler on very hot days
Quiet operation Some units can be noisy

Let’s talk more about some of the specifics. The most important reason swamp coolers are viable in Palm Springs and across the desert is because of our low humidity. It makes evaporative coolers more efficient. The extra moisture they add to the air can actually make your home more comfortable.

There’s no question air conditioned homes will be cooler on the hottest days and more comfortable on those rare days when we have high humidity. You will pay a price for that comfort with higher utility bills and a larger carbon footprint. When you factor in lower installation costs, your overall costs for cooling could be 75% less with swamp coolers.

If you are still having trouble making a decision call DCS and talk with our comfort advisors about what makes sense for you. Many homes use swamp coolers as their primary cooling system, but have air conditioning available when it’s needed. We just want to make sure you realize air conditioning isn’t your only choice when it comes to home cooling.