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Swamp Cooler Leaking On Roof


Since you already have a swamp cooler, you know all about the advantages of evaporative cooling. Like any cooling system, you have to treat it right to make sure it operates efficiently.

The experts at DCS Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help with your swamp cooler needs in Palm Springs and the surrounding area. They will take the following steps to “de-winterize” your cooler before you start it:

  • Uncover swamp cooler and remove the panels
  • Clean out any dirt & debris from the water pan at the bottom
  • Check the motor's fan belt tension (when pressed it should move about 3/4 inch)
  • Oil the bearing on the blower assembly and the motor as needed
  • Install new cooler pads every year
  • Reconnect the water line and turn on the water supply
  • Switch on the cooler motor and recirculating pump
  • Make sure the cooler pads are being evenly saturated with water
  • Verify motor operation and amp draw
  • Check pulleys for wear and to make sure tight on shaft
  • Verify that the ducting is okay if applicable

One common complaint DCS hears from homeowners is their swamp cooler is leaking water on the roof. Many swamp cooler leaks can be repaired. Start by inspecting the cooler pan and the water line. Some leaks are obvious, a broken or punctured pipe, others are harder to see. Look around the drain plug for any leaks. It could be loose. Try tightening it.

It could be a faulty float valve. Watch for it to turn off the water flow when the cooler pan gets full. You can try adjusting it, but you may have to replace it if you can’t get it to work properly.

Make sure to check for splits in the seams of the casement or rusted areas in the water tray.

After any leaks are repaired and the spring maintenance is complete, you are ready to turn the cooler on. Just make sure to follow these general tips to get the cooling season off to a good start:

  • Wait to turn your swamp cooler on until the outside temperature reaches 85 degrees. You will use less water.
  • The water pump should be turned on a few minutes before turning on the fan. It saturates the pads first, making your cooler more effective.
  • Crack open at least 1 window in the rooms you are cooling. This will allow the the cooled air to to circulate more easily.
  • Install a thermostat so your cooler uses less water and less energy.

Energy efficient evaporative cooling can be a perfect answer for the desert heat. If you have any problems, call DCS Heating & Air Conditioning and our expert technicians will be there to help.