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Evaporative heating and cooling systems


A Cool and Comfortable Home With A Swamp Cooler

You want your house to stay cool and comfortable, but you’re tired of those monthly utility bills for your air conditioning. It’s something we hear all the time at DCS Heating & Air Conditioning, and we want you to know there is an answer.

It may surprise you to learn you can stay cool in the desert without using a traditional air conditioner. We’ll give you a second to let that soak in. For many the perfect answer is adding an evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, to your home.

They are often the ideal choice for our desert climate. And oh, by the way, they have many environmental advantages.

First, a quick lesson. Swamp coolers pull in outside air and pass it over pads saturated with water. The evaporation actually cools the air, just like your skin feels cool after you come out of the swimming pool. The evaporative process can cool the outside air by as much as 20 degrees before a fan circulates it throughout the house.

Swamp coolers are especially effective in Palm Springs and the surrounding desert because our low humidity increases the evaporative cooling.

DCS has put together this list of advantages evaporative coolers have over traditional air conditioning.

Swamp Cooler Advantages
Energy efficient No electricity is used to actually cool the air, only to circulate it
Adds humidity Can make your home more comfortable
Water as coolant No chemical refrigerant to damage environment
Outside air Pulls in fresh air & can be operated with doors & windows open
Noise Often quieter than air conditioners

Swamp cooler installation costs are generally less as well. When you add in the utility savings you can reduce your cooling costs as much as 75%. DCS sells and installs some of the best swamp coolers from the Aerocool® Trophy Series and Master Cooler.

Don’t underestimate the secondary advantage of fresh air in the home. Good air circulation, like you get with swamp coolers, is a huge factor in improving indoor air quality.

On the hottest days, and on those rare days the humidity is high, air conditioned homes will likely be more comfortable. You will pay a price for that comfort with higher utility bills and a larger carbon footprint. Many homeowners use swamp coolers as their primary cooling system, but have some form of supplemental air conditioning available when it’s needed.

If you decide to go that route mini, split heat pumps are an excellent choice for supplemental cooling. The individual units (as many as 4 connected to 1 condenser) can be used to target rooms where the swamp cooler is not as effective.

If you are still having trouble making a decision call DCS Heating & Air Conditioning and talk with our comfort advisors about what makes sense for you. DCS just wants you to know air conditioning, with high monthly bills, large carbon footprint, and dangerous chemical refrigerant, isn’t your only choice when it comes to home cooling.